Illumination Tutoring and Counselling is an educational and wellbeing centre for all children K-12  to attend situated on the beautiful Northern Beaches. It is the creation of Kym Trevena who believes that the happiness of each child either supports or inhibits their learning within the school environment from Kindergarten to Year 12. Kym has a Bachelor of Education and a Diploma of Counselling. She is also an EFT Practitioner, Mindfulness Coach and Peaceful Kids Facilitator. Kym has worked within both the Catholic and State Education Systems for over 27 years. Kym decided to create this educational and wellbeing business with the sole aim of assisting and guiding all children to achieve the best they can at school and in everyday life.  She has always had a desire to make the well being of all children in the school system a priority heading up the Wellbeing Committee in two local schools. Her main belief is that every child has the right to feel safe and happy at school. 

Illumination Tutoring and Counselling aims to make every child feel safe and confident while learning in the school environment.  The style of tutoring at Illumination Tutoring caters for each child's individual needs and works around a program of meeting their individual goals at the time of the session. We realise that each child has their own needs so no two programs are the same. There are currently 23 tutors at Illumination, each with differing expertise to ensure every child's needs are catered for.


Please email or call Kym on 0410 426 279 to chat about your child's needs and to book a session.

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Kym on 0410 426 279.  

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