I am a hard working recent high school graduate. I received an ATAR of 94.65 reflecting my academic skills which would relate to the tutoring role. I completed advanced English, advanced mathematics, extension history and modern history, biology and studies of religion. I have good interpersonal skills, being able to relate easily to others and with experience working in an after school care environment. I have experience working within teams and customer service working as a team member of KFC and for a cafe. I am enrolled to study a Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) at Sydney University. 

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Years 9,10,11 and 12 Mathematics 

I am studying econometric and mathematics at USYD. My strengths are in tutoring mathematics advanced, extension 1, extension 2, and business studies. I'm passionate in helping students feel more confident in the classroom, both with academic help and guiding to build better study habits.


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I am studying a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts at USYD. My strengths include all levels of high school maths up to HSC Extension 1 and 2, high school English up to HSC Advanced English, and senior science including HSC biology and chemistry. Helping my students with time management and study planning to help them through high school is a priority of mine, coupled with helping them feel more confident so they can enjoy these more difficult years of school.


My name is Elissa and I am a Primary School Teacher. I have worked with children for 6 years now, starting in before and after school care while studying, and now as a Teacher. I currently work in a Learning and Support team where I take small Mathematics and English intervention groups to support and enhance student learning! I look forward to working with you!


I am currently studying a Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Psychology at Macquarie University. I enjoy tutoring high school students in all subjects, improving their knowledge and organisational skills. I also aim to build confidence in my students to help them thrive in their studies and beyond the classroom.


I am in my  2nd year Bachelor of Commerce student at Macquarie University. My strengths include high school maths up to HSC Standard Maths (having received a high band 6 in the subject). I enjoy helping my students organise and plan around extracurricular activities, grow their confidence in their learning ability, and develop pro-active study habits. Enabling them to get the most out of their high school experience. Years 7-10 (all subjects), Years 11 & 12 (Maths Standard, English,  Drama, Studies of Religion, Economics)


I recently graduated Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Psychology and Bachelor of Commerce. Through High School, I performed in advanced and Extension 1 mathematics, Modern History and History extension, English as well as Business and Legal Studies. I'm hoping to provide students with the right tools to make the most out of their schooling experience.


Years 7 to 12 (Mathematics)


I have just completed a  Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and Bachelor of Human Science majoring in Counselling  at Macquarie University. I enjoy tutoring students in all levels of maths, building up a student’s confidence so they can strive and feel confident to try new things.


Hi, I'm Izzy. I've completed my first year of Bachelor of Education (Primary) and have been working with Kym for the past 2 years. My HSC subjects included: Extension English, Advanced English, General Maths, Ancient History, Multimedia and Studies of Religion. I'm a very open, calm, creative, and patient person. I like to make sure my students are not only engaging in lessons and furthering their skills, but also enjoying them.

Jess D

Hi, I'm Jess. I'm currently in my second year of studying for a Bachelor of Education (Primary) at the Australian Catholic University. I am a hardworking, patient, and creative person who is genuinely enthusiastic about helping students reach their academic goals and unlock their full potential.


I am a second year bachelor of chemical engineering and bachelor of science student at UNSW. I did chemistry, advanced and extension 1 mathematics, advanced English, studies of religion and textiles in the HSC. I enjoy watching my students confidence and skills grow and encouraging them to do their best.


I have a Bachelor of Education and a Diploma of Counselling. I am  also an EFT Practitioner, Mindfulness Coach and calm kids  Facilitator. I have worked within both the Catholic and State Education Systems for over 27 years.  I specialise in all areas that inhibit a child from learning at their own pace - Autism, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), anxiety and bullying.  


I am in my first year of a  bachelor of Nursing student at the University of Technology Sydney. I tutor high school students from year 7 to 10 in Maths and English. I studied Legal Studies and Community and Family studies in year 11 and 12 and received a high band 5 in both subjects, and will be able to help students with these subjects.

Madison Rose 

This year I am attending The University of Sydney for a Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology). I achieved an ATAR of 96.65 and completed the advanced, extension 1 and extension 2 English courses. During high school, I loved studying ancient history, legal studies, and community and family studies, all in which I achieved a band 6 and first rank in the diocese. I am very excited to work with students to boost their confidence in their academic abilities and achieve their personal goals this year at school. 


I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at UTS. I enjoy and am able to help students studying physics, advanced maths, PDHPE, and biology. My focus is to help students develop their pattern recognition skills and build a stronger understanding of concepts, boosting their confidence walking into exams.


I am currently studying a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Forensic Science at UTS. For my HSC, I studied economics, legal studies, biology, advanced English, extension 1 maths and extension 2 maths. I am passionate about helping students reach their full potential in these areas.


I am currently studying a Double Degree in Mechatronics Engineering and Computer Science at UNSW. For my HSC, I did Ext 1 and Ext 2 Maths, Physics, Advanced English, Information Processes and Technology, and Industrial Technology. I look forward to tutoring students in these areas and helping them solidify their knowledge and understanding.


I am currently studying Bachelor of Psychology (honors) and Bachelor of Cognitive Brain Science at Macquarie University. I enjoy tutoring years 7-10 students in a range of subjects including History, English and Math's helping them gain skills and confidence in their ability. I hope to help make learning more exciting for students.  


I'm a first year student at Macquarie University completing a Bachelor of Speech and Hearing Science. My HSC was completed in 2023 at Pittwater House, where I achieved a Band 6 or 5 in each of my subjects - Advanced English; English Ext 1; English Ext 2 (raw mark of 46/50); Advanced Mathematics; Legal Studies; Studies of Religion; and Modern History. I'm an all-rounder with a nerdy love of English hence my 4 units :-) and I am told by my students parents that I'm really good at making learning interesting, building confidence and assisting with understanding hard concepts. 

I'm in my first year of university, studying a Bachelor of Law and Arts at ACU. I completed my HSC in 2023 at Brigidine College. For my HSC, I completed the following subjects: Advanced English, Advanced Mathematics, Legal Studies, Modern History and Studies of Religion 2, where I received a band 5 or 6 in each of them.

I am studying at UNSW this year a Bachelor of Exercise Science/Master of Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology. In high school my favourite subjects were Advanced and Extension 1 Mathematics where I achieved a Band 6 in ADV Math and hope to help tutor others so they can achieve their best.